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At Okten, we recognize the significance of a holistic approach to our services and deeply value the effectiveness of clear communication. Our dedicated teams are always ready to assist, ensuring every interaction with Okten is smooth and satisfying.
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Located in the Heart of the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - Okten in Dammam"
"Our Okten station, situated in the vibrant city of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in fuel and service solutions. Experience the excellence of Okten in the heart of Saudi Arabia's dynamic Eastern region.

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At Okten, our logistics and transportation services are the backbone of our operations, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of fuel to our stations. Specializing in the transportation of fuel from Aramco, we have developed a robust system supported by a fleet of over 25 state-of-the-art trucks. Each vehicle is equipped with the latest technology for safe and efficient fuel transport, adhering to the highest standards of safety and environmental care. Our skilled logistics team meticulously plans and executes each delivery, guaranteeing that our stations are always well-stocked to meet the needs of our customers. This dedication to excellence in logistics not only fuels our stations but also symbolizes our commitment to providing uninterrupted service and the highest quality fuel to all our clients.

Key Benifits

We’ve been helping cities, utilities, automakers, EVSE suppliers and commercial businesses take advantage of clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure affords. Our solutions deliver savings to drivers, businesses and grid operators.
Safety is our top priority. Okten employs advanced safety measures for transporting fuel, including regular vehicle maintenance, strict adherence to safety regulations, and employing experienced drivers trained in hazardous material handling. Our trucks are also equipped with the latest technology to monitor and manage any risks during transit.
Absolutely. With a fleet of over 25 trucks and a skilled logistics team, Okten is well-equipped to manage and scale operations in line with increasing fuel demands. We continuously assess and optimize our routes and schedules to ensure efficient and timely deliveries to all our stations.
Okten is committed to environmental stewardship. We invest in fuel-efficient trucks and implement eco-friendly practices in our logistics operations. This includes route optimization to reduce mileage and emissions, regular vehicle checks to ensure optimal fuel consumption, and adherence to environmental guidelines in fuel handling and transportation.